Wonderpatch CBD 50mg per patch

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Wonderpatch patches, one a day for your CBD needs.

No more bad taste from CBD oils, sugar rush from gummies, nasty teas and vaping. 

  • One pack contains 6 patches 50mg of CBD each
  • CBD (Cannabidiol) 50mg
  • This product is Vegan, Non GMO and cruelty free, contains no THC

NEW! Wonderpatch is clear and transparent


Synthetic Cannabidiol
Broad Spectrum CBD 50mg - THC 0%
Vinyl Acetate 1-2%
Polyurethane 80-100mg
Adhesive is Latex free

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Wonderpatch CBD High Dose 50mg per patch

Why do I need this?

Love CBD but hate the taste of CBD oils, don't like the sugar rush from gummies or vaping or CBD teas?

The Wonder Patch is the most advanced CBD transdermal patch. This unique formula can be adhered to your skin and delivers a high dose of 50mg of CBD in each patch, with no THC it has no psychoactive properties (you won't get high)

Our Transdermal Wonderpatch CBD is designed to help your body absorb CBD over a period of time by delivering a high dose of 50mg into your bloodstream. Each patch may be worn for up to 10 hours at a time, with one patch replaced daily as you please.

More than just a patch. Each Wonderpatch contains 50mg of CBD and is made from non-GMO, cruelty free and vegan with 0% THC.

The Wonderpatch is ideal for people who are keen on using just pure CBD.


The most bioavailable CBD on the market

Effective and Practical, CBD patches are very easy to use. The available CBD is absorbed by the body for up to 10 hours! You'll no longer have to remember to take a new dose of CBD, all the while the CBD is delivered throughout the day. The high bioavailability of transdermal CBD ensures a high efficacy and great results with these topical patches. CBD topical patches by Lifebio are transparent so they don't stand out so the world around you will never know.