Save 10% on 3 packs CODE: 10percent or 20% on 5 packs CODE: 20percent (not valid for subscriptions)
Save 10% on 3 packs CODE: 10percent
or 20% on 5 packs CODE: 20percent (not valid for subscriptions)

the story

“For goodness sake STOP talking all those pills ;-)”
How & why?

Lifebio was born out of the Pandemic, Lionel & Claire had been busy running a high end Family portrait studio in London’s wealthy Clapham area.
It became clear that working in an enclosed photographic studio with whole families was not going to happen again any time soon.

And on top of that, the number of customers that would potentially be losing their jobs as well as reevaluating their priorities, they rapidly concluded that beautiful black & white pictures of their little treasures would no longer be top of the list! 

The Pandemic put paid to their 11 year old successful little business and it closed shortly after the imposition of lockdown in the UK. 

Lionel & Claire had spent years dreaming of starting an e-commerce business and this seemed a golden opportunity to do so. 

The pandemic was frightening to all of us and the importance of vitamin D was becoming preeminent in a lot of people’s minds as research was showing that the vitamin played an important role in the prevention of serious consequences when contracting Covid 19.

This research was backed up by a list of 200 top scientists and doctors, globally, so much so that they had signed an important letter addressed to all governments, public health officials, doctors, and healthcare workers. Vitamin D for all

Lionel & Claire’s doctor had prescribed them a massive dose of vitamin D to get their levels up to normal at the beginning of the pandemic, it turns out that none of us, in particular in the Northern Hemisphere have anywhere near the correct amount of vitamin D in our system, this is understandable when you consider our sedentary lifestyle, mainly spent sitting in artificial light glaring at a screen all day.

An urgent trip to New Zealand to visit Claire’s unwell father became a real test of the theory, we travelled to Auckland and on arrival were placed in ‘managed isolation’ in Rotorua for 14 days, when we should have been released at the end of it.
We were tested every other day and not allowed to socialise with other quarantine guests, on day 12 Claire tested positive and we were both rushed back to Auckland to be placed in formal quarantine with another 14 days of isolation but this time separated. 
Claire’s symptoms were very mild, it is fair to describe them as a very mild cold, tiredness and the loss of taste and smell for a short period.

That was it! We naturally concluded that the massive dose of vitamin d we had consumed had played an important role in ensuring she didn’t suffer at the hands of the virus, it should be pointed out that Lionel did not contract the virus despite being in close contact for two weeks with his wife Claire! 

Lifebio was created and the manufacture of transdermal patches was the chosen delivery method for our creations.
We chose transdermal patches because we were rattling with the number of vitamin pills and potions we were taking and on further investigation we found that patches had many advantages over the traditional taking of pills.

Bioavailability, this is a great word that describes how much more available a substance is to your bodily system.
A pill has to pass through your digestive system, this is called ‘first pass’ put simply a large proportion of the ingredient (up to 75%) will be destroyed by your liver and other organs before reaching your bloodstream. 

With a patch the active ingredient passes through your skin and directly into your bloodstream and of course much much more of the active ingredient (the good stuff) can be used by your body.

We noticed that during lockdown we were permanently lethargic despite sleeping quite well. Whenever Lionel felt this way, in normal times, a quick visit to his doctor for a shot of vitamin B12 would quickly and effectively resolve the problem, so it became a no brainer, what we all needed was loads of vitamin D and some energy! 

Boost & Protect was born.
The UK government’s recommendation for the daily dose of vitamin D is a paltry 400 IU.
You will notice, if you read the ‘vitamin d for all’  letter, that most of the signatories take ten times that recommendation and closer to 4000 IU (International Units).
When deciding on our formulation we went for 4000 IU with 3mg of vitamin D.

This really works, Lionel no longer needs his post lunch expresso, the patch is enough to fight the inevitable afternoon graveyard shift, a recent blood test confirmed his vitamin D levels were normal when prior they were very low indeed.
Both Claire and Lionel now wear Boost & Protect patches daily and feel genuine benefit from them, but more than building our vitamin D levels they get a real boost from the vitamin B.
This is a key criteria for our products, you should feel the difference, and you will! 

As the end of lockdowns are being hotly anticipated everywhere, we predict that we will all be going overboard with socialising as we have a lot of catching up to do! 
We naturally anticipate that we all will be suffering sore heads as a result of a touch of excess imbibing :-)

The After Party Patch had to be created.

It is what it says on the tin (well, eco friendly, recyclable cardboard envelope actually), apply our After Party Patch, after the party, before bed, whenever, but after the party.
The active ingredients chosen have all been shown to assist in your body’s attempt at recovery.

Think of alcohol, or anything else for that matter, that you may consume to assist in merriment  as a poison, your body exerts a lot of energy to rid you of that poison and the ingredients in our patch will assist in doing so.

Lionel has three grown up daughters aged 25-31 and all have confirmed the incredibly positive effects in recovery from a wild night out, so have their friends, one expressed her feelings about our after party patch like this in a whatsapp message:

I couldn’t put it better myself! 
Our after party patch works just as well for the older population and for those  extended lunches and lost afternoons as well, a little too much of a good Bordeaux or too many G&T’s can also play havoc with your head, stick an after party patch on after that long lunch or dinner and feel the benefit.

We have many more very exciting products in the pipeline so watch this space, we want to create a collection of ‘go to’ products to relieve, boost and relax you, when you need it, all packed with quality active ingredients all certified and manufactured to GMP(good manufacturing practice), absolutely no cruelty to animals, vegan, non gmo and even the card packaging is from renewable resources. 
We have made purchasing a breeze from our website using only trustworthy payment methods like Paypal and Stripe, we respond to any queries almost immediately through our email and will offer a full refund if not completely satisfied.

New stuff

So many more fantastic products to follow and all at the cutting edge of science.

Made in the UK to ‘GMP’ standards, all ingredients are certified, vegan and non gmo and of course cruelty free

Lionel & Claire wear their patches everyday

Our products are manufactured in the UK to the strict ‘Good Manufacturing Practice’.
in accordance with the European Cosmetic Regulations, & the Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice Guidelines and guidelines by the US Food and Drug Administration.

All our external packaging is recyclable, certified FSC and bears this mark