Why use a patch?

Are you like us and just had enough of taking supplements in pill form, rattling? We are too, so we founded Lifebio to produce transdermal patches that deliver their goodness through your skin straight into your bloodstream avoiding your digestive system and delivering far far more of all the active ingredients, precisely where you need them.

More about the advantages of using transdermal patches

Vitamin D3 for immunity and vitamin B12 for energy and focus

Boost & Protect

Boost & Protect Patch High Dose Vitamins


Boost & Protect.

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30 Boost & Protect patches, one a day may help keep the doctor away.

Get a powerful boost from the vitamin B12 and up your immunity with vitamin D3. 

  • One pack contains 30 patches
  • Vitamin D3 4000IU
  • Vitamin B12 3mg
  • This product is Vegan, Non GMO and cruelty free
  • Made in the UK certified GMP
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Emptying hand of pills wearing a patch

Chuck out your pills

One patch a day, could keep the doctor away. Get your daily dose of vitamins and supplements the easy and more efficient way.

One patch for 10 hours will deliver the active ingredients directly into your bloodstream avoiding first pass (your destructive digestive system)

The Pandemic

Lifebio is born

Nobody really cared about their immunity until the pandemic came along. Taking a handful of pills everyday, we were moved to find an alternative, Lifebio was born.

Our original plastic packaging was quickly replaced with recyclable FSC certified cardboard.

Rock and roll

We take a deep dive into development

If you are innovative then you understand what is involved in creating something that is different and ground breaking. After much searching we found a manufacturer prepared to make our patches, in the UK. Our first run was produced and we went to market, very successfully as it happens. We were moved to launch our second product the After Party patch, again very warmly received but now unavailable in the UK whilst we seek approval from the authorities. We want to produce stuff that we can all use to improve our lives, watch this space we have many more products in the pipeline.

Available now

Spreading our wings

Demand from our customers was growing and the many requests to make our products available on Amazon which we have, Cult Beauty (cultbeauty.com) renown for picking bright new products approached us to take on our little brand, Alexia Inge co-founder of Cult Beauty speaks very highly of Lifebio and uses our product.

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