Why use a patch?

Are you like us and just had enough of taking supplements in pill form, rattling?

We are too, so we founded Lifebio to produce transdermal patches that deliver their goodness through your skin straight into your bloodstream avoiding your digestive system and delivering far far more of all the active ingredients, precisely where you need them.

Simply stick on a patch for up to 10 hours and stop rattling!

 “These patches are amazing they help me through my day.. highly recommend them!!!!” – nikkisteele85 50mg Wonder Patch


“These are brilliant! Don’t think I can go out without them now! Got all my friends buying these too now.” –cbroowuc1hz The Miracle Patch


 “Lifebio’s Energy patch is a revelation for me. It’s helped me kick my energy drinks and stay away from those sugar-loaded snacks. I feel more naturally energized and focused, and it’s had a positive impact on my overall well-being. I can’t imagine my day without it!” – henry_davis_home The Energy Patch