Boost & Protect high dose vitamins D3, B12 and now with added K2

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Introducing the Boost & Protect High Dose Vitamins D3, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin K2 Transdermal Patch—a revolutionary health supplement combining three essential vitamins in a convenient patch format. This innovative product delivers a potent blend of 3mg of Vitamin B12, 4000 IU of Vitamin D3, and 200 mcg of Vitamin K2 directly through the skin, ensuring optimal absorption and maximum benefits for overall well-being.

Vitamin D3, known as the "sunshine vitamin," is vital for strong bones, a robust immune system, and overall cellular health. The 4000 IU dosage in the Boost & Protect patch fulfils daily requirements and supports your body's essential functions.

Vitamin B12, the "energy vitamin," aids in converting food to energy, supports cognitive function, and promotes red blood cell formation. The 3mg dosage is especially beneficial for those with B12 deficiencies or seeking an energy boost.

Complementing the other vitamins, Vitamin K2 promotes proper calcium utilisation for bone health and cardiovascular support. With 200mcg in each patch, it provides vital support for bone integrity and heart health.

The transdermal delivery system offers advantages over oral supplements by bypassing the digestive system, ensuring better absorption into the bloodstream. Simply apply the patch to clean, hairless skin, and let it work its magic throughout the day.

Crafted with premium ingredients adhering to the highest quality standards, each Boost & Protect patch is discreet and comfortable for hassle-free use. This enables you to maintain your busy lifestyle while obtaining the essential nutrients your body needs.

In conclusion, the Boost & Protect High Dose Vitamins D3, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin K2 Transdermal Patch offer a convenient, effective, and comprehensive approach to meeting your vitamin requirements. Elevate your well-being, enhance energy levels, and safeguard your health with this advanced transdermal patch. Experience the benefits of premium-grade vitamin supplementation like never before.

At Lifebio, we are committed to delivering premium products that promote wellness. Our Boost & Protect High Dose Vitamins D3 & B12 Patch is an excellent addition to your health regimen. Order now and take a step towards a healthier, more vibrant life.

Please note: Individual results may vary, and this information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult with your healthcare professional before starting any new dietary supplement.

Boost & Protect High Dose Vitamins D3 & B12 Patch - the natural choice for your well-being.

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Cyanocobalamin 3mg
Provitamin D3 (7-dehydrocholesterol) 4000 IU
Latex-free vinyl acetate
Non-woven fabric material (recyclable)

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Boost & Protect vitamin D3 and vitamin B12

Why do I need this?

Your energy levels are low, and it seems like everyone around you is getting sick. Boost & Protect Transdermal patches will boost your energy level and immune system. These are great for anyone but especially good for those of us that don't get to see a lot of sunshine everyday and also a must for those of us with darker skin.

Because transdermal patches are more efficient at delivering the active ingredients than any pill, they avoid your digestive system called first pass. This happens when you absorb vitamins via digestive system, a very ineffective method that by-passes most of the vitamins & minerals intake. Refreshingly simple to use, Boost & Protect are a hassle free alternative to keeping yourself healthy and fit.

Boost and protect are the perfect transdermal patches to get those immune defenses. Are you tired all the time? Feeling run down? These patches deliver vitamins D3 & B12 directly into your bloodstream. That means no more popping or swallowing pills! Our vitamin D patch contains 4000IU of D3 which is proven to help protect your immunity from seasonal colds flu and 3mg vitamin B12 to boost energy levels. Boost & Protect is both safe and effective easy to use transdermal patches with a soft texture that go on easily. Just apply every day to clean, dry skin and feel the difference.


These really are the answer

Boost & Protect patches are the answer, and they're easy to use too, apply them to your skin during the day, and they'll deliver highly effective vitamin D3, vitamin B12 to the bloodstream. Got a big meeting coming up? Glamorous evening planned? Keep Boost & Protect in your handbag or luggage so you don't forget them...

Boost & Protect are transdermal patches effective in returning you to peak form. If you've been feeling sluggish and in a fog, it's not due to age, but most likely a vitamin deficiency. Boost & Protect distribute the vitamins D3 (for immunity) and B12 (for energy) directly into your bloodstream more efficiently than any pill, so you're able to feel your old self quickly.
Vitamin D is a supplement that promotes bone health, helps control blood pressure and cholesterol, enhances neuromuscular function, and boosts your overall health. But not everyone gets enough vitamin D because of lack of sunlight, the sunshine vitamin that our bodies crave. Vitamin D has been shown to have many potential benefits such as reducing chronic pain in fibromyalgia patients and improving cardiopulmonary functioning in patients with low levels of this important vitamin.