Are patches just a gimmick?

We get asked time and again if our patches are just a gimmick, well here is proof that they are not, at least it's proof that an ingredient applied to your skin can end up being absorbed transdermally into your bloodstream.

WIRED MAGAZINE reports that the FDA (US Food & Drug Administration) carried out a small clinical trial designed to test how four of the most common sun-filtering oils & creams on the market behave after they’ve been sprayed on and rubbed in. The results, published in the journal JAMA, show that contrary to what sunscreen manufacturers have been saying, UV-blocking chemicals do seep into circulation.
“Everyone had always thought that because these are intended to work on the surface of the skin that they wouldn’t be absorbed, but they are,”
I am not sure I want my sunscreen in my bloodstream, but I do want vitamins, supplements etc...
And our patches can deliver exactly that in a chosen dosage and more efficiently than taking a pill.

Easy to use, I hate taking pills so these are much better. Feels like I have more energy too.

Mrs C Verified purchase on 8 March 2021