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Article: The importance of Vitamin D

The importance of Vitamin D

The importance of Vitamin D

Whilst developing our patches we did a mountain of research into the importance of vitamin D to us humans.

It turns out that its actually a lot more important than we give it credit. 

Now you can read a million authoritative documents for and against the use of Vitamin D online, but you cannot take away from the simple fact that most of us live in our society that demands we spend a lot of time away from natural sunlight.

I hope you will also agree that this is not a good thing at all! 

It's mid winter, I get up in the morning, shower, dress and have breakfast, indoors, we walk our dog Mimi for about half an hour every morning, my wife and I are wrapped up against the cold, big coat, wooly hat, gloves, scarf. The only part of our bodies that get to feel the rays of the sun against our skin are our faces, a very small proportion of the total surface area of our bodies skin.

On our return, tea in hand we sit in our home office in front of a computer screen, all day, how can this be good? 

Depending on our size we all need differing amounts of vitamin D which we will not get from a short walk in the freezing cold wrapped up to the hilt (you may achieve it if you walk for half an hour in a bikini or swimwear, not advisable).

Some kind of supplementation is needed, eating vitamin D rich food is good but has to pass through your digestive system and believe me your digestive system is extremely efficient at filtering out and also destroying active ingredients that you ingest, your digestive system in medical parlance is called 'First pass' and first pass will do the same to food as it does to supplements that you take orally in the form of pills.

Patches on the other hand manage to avoid first pass altogether as the active ingredients are absorbed through your skin, meaning mainly that a lot lot more of their active ingredients will be taken into your bloodstream and you will feel the benefit.

The other frustrating aspect of taking supplements is that they are not tested or peer reviewed as are pharmaceuticals and are subject to limited control by governments. 

So how do you know what dosage is right for you? 

At the time of writing the UK Government recommends a daily intake of 400IU of vitamin D, which seemed quite low, considering what we have all been through for the last few years, vitamin D is key to aiding your immunity, in short no vitamin D in your system you will become much more susceptible to infection.

If, however, your vitamin D levels are considered optimum then you will very likely fight off colds, flu and other infections more efficiently and probably rid yourself of the dreaded lurgy much quicker.

We searched high and low for direction on the correct dosage and the advice varied so widely we were stumped, until we came across this letter, which was published in February 2021. 

200 of the cleverest most knowledgeable doctors and scientists from around the globe put their signature to a letter asking for a massive increase in recommended dosage of vitamin D for 97% of the world's population.

This was what we needed, I urge you to read it and please note that the majority of the signatories take 4000IU of vitamin D daily.

That is why our Boost & Protect patches contain 4000IU.

you can read the letter by visiting the 'Vitamin D for all' site that only features the letter that was sent out to governments around the world. 

This is not some crackpot idea, it makes eminent sense, so please, dear reader, read this letter here: Vitamin D for all

If you decide to try our patches then thank you, but whatever you do increase your vitamin D intake as soon as possible.







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